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Mid March Article Links - spurious nelogism — LiveJournal
every blog needs a catchy name
Mid March Article Links
I'm finding it much easier to keep up with LJ after the big pruning I did, now that I'm not trying to use it as an RSS reader. tlatoani hoped I would keep something about my writing on LJ, instead of moving everything to the business blog, and there may be a couple other readers of mine here, so here are links to some recent articles of mine:




It also looks like I'm not going to be writing for JetsonGreen any more, unfortunately. Preston saw that I had started writing for Inhabitat, and seems to think it's a conflict of interest. We never had any kind of an agreement or a restriction about writing for other blogs. I'm disappointed to be losing that opportunity, but it's his blog and he can run it however he thinks is best.

I see the two blogs as occupying different niches. Both Inhabitat and JetsonGreen both cover a lot of green building, and there may be an overlap of readership, but to my mind they are no more in competition with each other than John Scalzi is with Tobias Buckell. They are complimentary to one another, not an either/or choice at all. In fact, like the SF authors, I see it as building on one another. As with SF, I want more green content than any one outlet can provide, so I appreciate having multiple sources. As a writer, I have different kinds of things I'm interested in writing about, and it's good to have multiple outlets for all of that.

Inhabitat wants particularly short, pithy articles. JetsonGreen has always been the place where I've felt longer pieces have their place. To my mind, the longer, more analytical pieces I've done for JetsonGreen don't really have anyplace else in the mix of blogs I write for. Maybe that kind of article will just be something I do for psproefrock from now on. Or I may see if there's someplace else for that kind of thing.

Unrelated to that, I also was in touch with the editors of WorkShifting about writing for them about coworking. This isn't even a paid writing assignment; I'm just interested in the topic. But, on Friday, I saw that they had a coworking article written by someone else. So I don't know if they are going to run my piece as well (although it is in many ways just a shorter version of the other article; I was planning to discuss the aspects of coworking on a more ongoing basis, so I was less concerned about completely covering the topic in a single post). So I'm not sure what's up with that, or if that is going to go forward or not.
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