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An Earth Day Rant - spurious nelogism — LiveJournal
every blog needs a catchy name
An Earth Day Rant
I wrote something of a rant against greenwash PR that seems to reach a crescendo for Earth Day every year.  It was intended for EcoGeek, but didn't run there.  I posted it on the p s proefrock architecture blog, and ended up with a huge spike in my readership, at least for that moment.

Since I've been identified as a green writer, I am on a bunch of PR lists. Sometimes I do get interesting things, and I have found some of it useful; I can't consign it all to spam.

But there are lots of instances when some clueless PR flack gets hold of someone's 'green' list to send out hte great news about their client's fantastic work. Except it's usually anything but. I suppose, in some instances, they think that what's being done really is significant. I can see an office drone being really impressed at a few of these things.

I'm probably going to have some of my articles (stuff I'm writing for Greenovation, most likely) picked up by a company for their blog. Of course, they aren't going to pay me; it's not that important. I should be honored that they deign to give me some of their precious space, I guess.

Maybe I have another rant brewing...
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