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Random Stuff & Updates - spurious nelogism — LiveJournal
every blog needs a catchy name
Random Stuff & Updates
I'm being more intermittent with LJ, so I've probably missed a few things. I was trying to go back through recent stuff, and couldn't get past the last 100 friends posts. Stuff here is a collection of odds & ends I haven't posted elsewhere. I'd like to find some kind of aggregator that shared my different posts all in one common location.

Right now, the best aggregator of my output is probably Twitter (@cornellbox). Posts for EcoGeek, Inhabitat, and Greenovation often get noted there when they are posted. I also try to tweet when the EcoGeek Newsletter gets sent out. Posts to my own blog (which include a fair number of reposts of those articles), get automatically posted on Twitter by WordPress (as well as to Facebook, at least for now - I'm also looking forward to a FB-killer, either Diaspora or something else).

There is also a site with a whole bunch of other apps and options I've been checking out, but haven't really had the time to explore enough to make a switch yet. Just realized that I have some new options now that I'm doing much of my daily computing under Ubuntu.

Other stuff:

Paolo Bacigalupi (The Windup Girl*) really likes Howard Tayler's (Schlock Mercenary) boots.

* link is to Paolo's website, but it's down right now as I post this.

I'm amused by ATT's mailing campaign to try to get us to sign up for services with them. We got an envelope that was printed in what was supposed to look like a handwritten font addressed to "Valued Michigan Resident" (presumably some ad-toad's concatenation of Valued Customer (except we aren't customers) and Michigan Resident). Inside was a one page flyer that was printed to look like a 2nd or 3rd generation photocopy, instead of like a cleanly printed ad, simple black and white page which was "marked up" in blue ink to look like someone had made a copy of something and sent it to us. It's laughably bizarre to me. Maybe it works for them.

We're under siege with cottonwood fluff. Our neighbor has a huge cottonwood tree, and so it's all over our yard right now. When there's enough of it on the ground, it can be a source of pyro-amusement, though. Another neighbor showed us that you can put a lighter to a patch of it, and it burns off quickly, with a flame front that travels like a line of gunpowder in a cartoon. On the other hand, it will set fire to a broom that is sitting in its midst (not that I would have firsthand knowledge of this).

Our in-sink garbage disposer hasn't been working for nearly the last year. I finally got around to taking it out of the sink yesterday. More importantly, I put in new drain basket and piping to make it a simple, disposerless sink. We keep a compost pile in our side yard, and are pretty good about keeping much of the junk out of our sink, although we have had periodic drain problems. (I think that a lot of that dates back to before we owned the house; our problems have been less frequent over the past few years.)
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