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Canada Family Trip - spurious nelogism — LiveJournal
every blog needs a catchy name
Canada Family Trip
(This is an incomplete draft that was lost.)

We had our more-or-less annual pilgrimage to the tip of the Bruce Peninsula at the end of June, and came back to the States on Canada Day (July 1, if you were going to look it up). That turned out to be a mistake, but otherwise, it was a great trip. We went to several of our usual haunts in Tobermory and around the area. We hiked a little bit of the Bruce Trail and went out to Flowerpot Island. And we did all of this with my inlaws along on the trip.

T on the rock at Flowerpot Island

Since madgallica's parents were along we had to convoy in two vehicles. But that meant that we could shift kids around, and that stopped a lot of the squabbling and poking at each other. Also, they brought along their two kayaks, and, in addition to the other things, we also did a couple days of kayaking out in the harbor by the cottage. N went out by himself, and T went out as a passenger with grandpa.
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