cornellbox (cornellbox) wrote,

Lamps of Parts

Over the years, I've built a couple of lamps using EMT (metal conduit), electrical boxes, plain ceramic socket, and assorted fittings and pieces. The first one I built when I was out in LA, and was a tall-ish (maybe 4' tall) reading light kind of fixture. (I'm not sure whatever happened to it, but I don't think it came back from the West Coast.) The most recent one (out in the garage these days, I think) was a shorter (maybe 15" tall) desk lamp that I've had around for years.

So it was surprising to see these "junkbot lamps" on BoingBoing a few days ago. These are a whole lot more character-oriented than my pieces, and these look like they've been painted, instead of embracing the random beauty of galvanized metal. Still, there's a strong connection in terms of the palette of shapes and pieces.

Recently, I've been thinking about going back and making a few more of these pieces of my own. I'm pretty much over the use of incandescent bulbs anymore, but bare-bulb CFL isn't very nice, either. I'd like to figure out how to be able to set these up as LED fixtures, though I don't want to rely on current screw-base LED lights (which are mostly awful, and likewise unsuited for exposed applications. Maybe with a Plumen bulb?

Plumens are supposed to be available in the US sometime soon. They are shipping the first ones in Europe and the UK this fall, and they are "coming soon" for the rest of the world.

Without a socket, it could be interesting to try some things with LED engines, and build a more directional lamp, rather than a general illuminator. I just need to get some pieces and experiment a bit.

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